Film and Television

Film composing :
I’ve had some wonderful opportunities to work as a composer for films.
Each of these posters represents a part of my “original dream” of becoming a film/ tv composer. The special collaboration between creatives ... especially between the director and the composer can be like a a beautiful dance. It starts respectfully, as one means of creative expression yields to the other for the purpose of clarity of the story .. the film. The relationship is delicate as the composer and director each learns more about the other’s language and references. The film composer’s job is is to serve the director’s intentions from a musical perspective , adding the unseen character of music to appropriately enhance the power and sentiments of the story. When it works well, a kind of trust is formed. Music offers feeling.
Film composing is itself an art form . It is not to be confused with songwriting or music for the concert stage, although from some great scores have come songs or concert music.
There are lots of considerations. From the technical aspects of timings, a knowledge of camera angles, dramatic arch and emphasis, to creative choices of instrumentation, the orchestration, the musical themes and motives ... it is a unique balancing act.
I happen to enjoy it and I am looking forward to doing more!


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