The Symphonic Works

One of my dreams has always been to compose for orchestra. The richness and multi colors of the orchestra’s  sound has always been attractive to me.
A dear friend and colleague Dr. Bill Banfield, encouraged me to continue to develop this and other parts of my “musical voice and expression “ and to keep writing in this medium . In 1999 I composed my first symphony, SINFONIA . I just wanted to experiment with using every part of the orchestra. Up to that point, most of the ensembles I’d written for were smaller. I enjoyed that challenge and learned a lot, but I never thought I’d have the chance to work with a large orchestra ... but it was my goal then.
Since that time, I have had the blessing of being commissioned to write a few pieces, showcasing my compositions in the context of the Symphonic stage!!!
I still have much to learn about this “instrument “, the orchestra, as the sounds and possibilities are as intriguing to me as ever. I wish to be as creative as possible with this wonderful “box of colors” to express the many sides of my musical interests. This too, is part of my journey .It celebrates the love I have for what some would classify as “classical” music ...and for me , it’s part of a large bouquet of flowers which can be arranged in any number of ways. 
These pieces are sonic landscapes with peaks and valleys , turns and twists and full of emotion. I intend to do more composing for orchestra as well as chamber groups and soloists for the concert stage, recital halls, etc. 
The experimenting calls me to keep going, keep writing .... moving gradually towards revealing yet another way to use my “voice”.
I hope you enjoy these pieces . 


Patrice is also a member of the Composers of Color Collective.

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