A New Year

As the year draws to a close, one can't help but look back at what’s happened during the past year. 
What did I do? What  did I learn? Did I make progress and did I inspire others to try to? Am I moving towards my purpose?
Am I ready to embrace the changes and challenge that “ new” represents?
There can be big wins and big leaps with “ new”. Some are more difficult than others, but I am learning that change always leads to something. I pray that I remain on a path that leads to change that is good.
I recently officiated a wedding of two former students of mine, who married each other. Almost the entire wedding party was comprised of former music students and / or friends of the program of which I am its department chair and in which the couple first met. They are all in their late 20’s now. They are living their lives, most continue to work in the pro music industry as artists, producers, , sound engineers music directors and featured side musicians on various levels. It hit me then, as it does ever so often... Time passes. Things change and evolve.
May 2022 bring us as humankind into a more focused reality check that offers us all the opportunity to change for the better. We start with the individual that we are...to do better, be more kind and mindful. We move into our personal actions evoking in others the motivation to also follow suit. We hold ourselves accountable for how we can contribute to the greater good by being our best selves. We resist mediocrity and bogus, mindless rhetoric. We take better care of our mental, spiritual and physical selves.
We do better because we can. We model the behaviour we wish to receive from others.

And the” creatives “ among us, of all disciplines, keep going, keep growing, keep learning, keep showing up! Don't stop!
Our job is to resonate and allow ourselves to be vessels and conduits to Truth.
Happy New Year!