Happy Holidays!

Hey Friends!

I hope that this blog post finds you doing OK and that you and yours are well and safe. 
We are all very hopeful that the roll out of the new vaccine will be effective and help to keep our first responders, essential workers and people at highest risks out of the intensive care units and the emergency rooms of the world in dealing with this COVID -19 pandemic. 
The rest of us need to be just as vigilant as ever with that which we know offers protection for ourselves and others. One of my dearest friends may have been exposed to this new strain of the virus, not due to her negligence, but that of others, who weren’t forthcoming in their exposure to COVID. Come on people .. we must be smart, thoughtful and strong in our conviction to protect ourselves and each other in EVERY way we can!!!!!
This is the Holiday Season. Typically, this is a big deal for me. I love the activity of celebrating this time of year. It’s spritual focus, it’s family togetherness, it’s look back at the blessings and lessons of another year, and it’s forward, positive sense of possibilities for the coming year,  are a huge part of this time for me. 
True that this year will be celebrated differently. No huge family gathering or big huge dinner together. No visits to friends or neighbors homes to drop off gifts or  seasonal treats. A smaller Christmas tree and an intimate gathering of only those within my “pod”, my “bubble”, my “household”. I am thankful, as we are healthy and safe. I am thankful that most of my dearest friends and loved ones are also healthy and safe as they too see the value in remaining disciplined and focused on doing their part to stay healthy during this time. 
Put on some good music, binge watch those tv series, surf the internet, read, meditate, take walks if you can, stretch that body, soak in a bubble bath…. Try to RELAX and BREATHE. 

2020 brought us many lessons, let’s learn from them as we move forward!!

Wishing  you all the best holiday time.
Merry Christmas!
May 2021 offer us all brighter days, continued hope and progress. 
Stay tuned!