Greetings Friends!

Since last I shared my thoughts with you on my blog, a lot has happened and continues to happen in the World!

The USA is experiencing some history -making events!!
Our recent elections have revealed the power of the VOTE. When we all speak, through our voices at the polls, changes are indeed possible.
We the people, are certainly ready to experience a change in our government right now, some changes in certain policies, changes in attitudes and actions towards collective and individual responsibilities.

Our new governing ADMINISTRATION deserves our support as we all are looking towards better days. The USA and our friends around the WORLD are still in the grips of COVID. This is no time for non sensical rhetoric, but for careful, mindful, logical, effective action. We all have a part to play in slowing this virus and working towards its end. It may seem like a small thing, but it’s not .. wear your mask. Adhere to the temporary shutdowns and rules, so that those inconveniences and issues can be temporary and we can get this thing over with. It’s not worth more people needlessly dying and suffering. Do what you can to keep yourself and others safe. We all have someone who depends on us to bethere for them .. to be  strong, to be conscious, to be aware, to be smart and act responsibly.

This week, Americans all over the country will celebrate THANKSGIVING DAY. For so many, it will look and feel different than in previous Thanksgiving Days. The large family gatherings, or even having an intimate few friends to share the day with eating, drinking, watching football, sharing stories …  won’t be happening in person. I know that will be the case for me. We’ll be sharing parts of the day with family utilizing the blessing of the INTERNET and Zoom, Skype or FaceTime!!!
However, there are other things that will not be different and may be even more obvious and enhanced.
Grace, Grateful, Blessed, Thankful are the words that come to mind.

Not that I’m suggesting that I’ve taken these words for granted… but I know that with all that is happening and all the mixed energy and messaging and weird uncertainties surrounding us, these important words and their meaning can get muddled. But I am very clear,. .maybe even a little more than usual.
I am thinking of the grace shown by our first responders and essential workers who are on the front lines of fighting this pandemic.
I am grateful that my immediate family and most of my friends are healthy and safe.
I am blessed to be healthy and safe.
I am thankful that I have people in my life who love, respect and care about me.
I am thankful to have music to listen to, to play, to share, to speak for me and to me in ways that sometimes words cannot.

I am thinking  of those souls lost and those families who have had to endure those losses .

My friends and family are reminders everyday of how precious life is and how each day given is a chance to live it a little better by trying to be a little better everyday.
More patient, more kind, more thoughtful. Put in the extra effort to make it all work when necessary. Help a friend. Help a stranger.
Share what brings you joy.

I am thankful for the growth in awareness of people and the clear understanding that we are ALL responsible to make things better.

Create the change you wish to see.. in your thoughts, in your words, and in your actions, in big ways, and in small ways.. THEY ALL COUNT!

To better, brighter, brilliant days ahead…
Stay tuned!