Attention to Detail!

Have you ever experienced or complained about something not working correctly, like a recipe that didn’t come out just right or getting lost and had to admit that the reason might have been because you didn’t follow the instructions?

Not paying attention to details or not following explicit directions is a pain and can result in someone else not being able to follow through with what they need to do.
Especially in a collaborative situation, following through and honoring your word to do your part is critically important. I recently had an experience on a big show where the specific equipment requested and needed was ignored completely, by the company hired to provide it. Unfortunately, I received no warning, no phone call or notice.
It’s bad to have to admit that it’s increasingly difficult to take people at their word …hidden agendas, ignorance, arrogance or apathy, laziness all have the same end result.
I’m learning to trust my instincts and cover my own ass when the details are the difference between success and failure. Especially at the pro level the price is too high for incompetence. Why do you call a professional? It’s because the expectation for a high level of proficiency and consistency is a given.
Everyone make mistakes and occasionally falls short of their best.
Following directions, attention to details and the willingness to be responsible for taking the initiative to follow through on your word helps everyone succeed and win!!
Take care of business, pay attention, do your part. Let’s all do our best.
Stay tuned!