London … amazing !!

A little over a week ago, I performed in London. I played two venues. One a club theatre,” Koko“. The other was at the “Cross The Tracks Festival “ on the “Mainstage“ and in a most enviable position .. when fans, young and old were most present in the festive atmosphere. Both shows sold out … the 1700 seat theatre and the festival of 10’s of thousands of music lovers! 
This was the first time in a very long time … that I was allowed to present my music, my show, under my own name .. the way I wanted . . 
Do not misunderstand, I have played in the UK and worldwide with a who’s who of artists .. Santana, Wayne Shorter, Lee Ritenour, Christian McBride, Buster Williams … but the context and presentations were about them. My role was to contribute and serve their music. It was also a great experience, yet had a downside. Always there are people who although glad to see me expressed disappointment because they didn’t hear my songs.
These most recent performances in London were about me and the presentation of a body of work which included my hit songs and the popular music attached to me.
These concerts represented the first time I didn’t hear “ but you didn’t play this … or I came to hear that… “
We played the music people have said they want to hear and I unapologetically offered it in the ways in which it was intended to be presented. Playing, singing, grooving, dancing … joyfully accessible with the high artistic aesthetic of musicianship front and center. That’s what I do .. and last week I was able to present that with no apologies or compromises.
It felt great!
I felt great!
The musicians and staff who accompanied me were wonderful and executed beautifully that which gave me the space to perform … uninhibited and for the people, who were, by the way, so amazing and singing every lyric and humming every melody. Amazing!!!
I continue to enjoy a career where on any given day I function as a composer of symphonic music, jazz ensembles, university professor, career mentor, featured side person and session player, film / tv composer, songwriter, funkateer!!!
Concert performer …..
Talk about living the dream … wow that’s me.
I am blessed, I am grateful … and this latest adventure, presents even more possibilities for connection and sharing. Soulfully, joyfully … I am psyched!!! This is the gift of music.
I look forward to more!
Thank you London for reminding me what’s possible and showing me the long standing love and respect for my musical offerings … and for decades!
Fingers crossed more tour dates and concerts to come .. everywhere where my fans have expressed their interest and extended their love!!
Stay tuned …