A New Year.. another chance.

We are about to celebrate a new year, 2021.

For some, this crazy year could not be over soon enough! It’s been difficult, confusing, hurtful, deadly. There’s been weird information, conflicting information, no information.

Our patience, our sense of truth and justice, our care or lack thereof for others, our balance of politics and policies over people, has all been tested, especially in 2020.
As another year enters, I typically experience it as a chance to take what I’ve learned in years prior, and reboot, armed with that knowledge and those experiences to try to do better. I experienced a few situations this year which where heartbreaking and sad. I also learned that certain things about these times, brought into even sharper focus what’s really most important to me.
Maybe during these uncertain times, while having to “stay at home”, you are forced to slow down and think. Maybe it was about reframing or regrouping priorities. Maybe it was about learning something new in order to start or complete an important project. Maybe it was about finally starting a project or finishing a task that had been put off.
Maybe it was about communicating ( albeit via Zoom or FaceTime) on a more regular basis with friends. Seeing the faces of your family, friends, loved ones and colleagues is more important than you may have imagined.
You may have discovered or rediscovered something, that allows you to keep going, keep hope alive and learn some things that will improve your way of life even after this pandemic has been crushed. I certainly did.
Hug your kids, tell the people you love that you love them, make an effort to learn from this year of uncertainty, craziness, and bad behavior to be the change you want to experience in whatever ways are appropriate for you, in a positive way.
Happy New Year!
May it offer to us another chance to do this life better.
May it bring brighter and more brillant days ahead for all.
Peace , decency , health , safety, and positive change for each and every one.
Stay tuned.
Much love,