I’ve been receiving some wonderful feedback from some of you about  the new website, my social media posts and about this “blog”!! Thanks for your kind words and continued support!!

After posting my recent blog about the use of the song “Forget Me Nots” in the recent  film “Fatal Affair”, there seemed to be a lot of interest in the story behind that song. Most of the songs from my albums from back in the day, were recorded without a strict concern for anything other than wanting to use my platform of recording to create something cool, musical and fun for me and with those with whom I collaborated. 

I’ve always enjoyed the process of collaboration. I love to play with others. I love that “thing” that happens when people find enjoyment in the moment and can put their ideas together. So much of the time, two people can come up with something neither of them would have come up with on their own… and usually it’s better!!!! Maybe some of my joy in that activity comes from the feeling of playing music with others in groups and as part of an ensemble. Each individual’s contribution to the moment, finds that delicate balance between what one does as an individual in the context of the collective. Listening to each other while playing, learning to recognize and yield to a great line, rhythm or phrase played by another, and then contributing to the musical conversation with just the right response, perhaps inspiring the next phrase or magical moment. Wow!!

This happens in jazz all the time. This happens when finding that special “hump” in a groove all the time. This happens when harmonizing with a vocal group or playing as part of a section. It happens when co-writing a song, or adding the musical elements to a film or television show. Collaboration creates possibilities. 

I’ve certainly had the good fortune to have worked with some fantastic music collaborators. Interestingly enough, learning to be a good collaborator was birthed out of first, having so fun playing music! I appreciate people who can bring something interesting to a “jam session” in whatever musical context presents itself. Sometimes it’s about learning to be comfortable with the idea of exploring and following a thought with no other agenda than just that! To first just see what happens and then to shape those pieces into clearer ideas… gradually and organically. It goes without saying that it’s first and foremost about serving the music and the moment.

Skills enter into the picture too. One learns how to recognize certain ideas as good ones and then finds ways to build upon them. Sometimes that process seems easy and immediate, and sometimes the process is trying and painfully slow. But always it’s about being in the moment and surrendering , whether in the context of jazz improvisation or working on a melody, arrangement or song lyric. There are times when I like to work alone . There are certain projects for  which that is the the best method for me to move forward.  But, when I’m sharing creative moments with others and the collaboration presents something unique, it is an awesome feeling, and I am grateful. Maybe some day I’ll talk about specific collaborations.. !

More to come..

Stay tuned!