Stay safe, wear a mask.

Today was a beautiful, not too hot summer day in Southern California. Although I did spend some time outdoors at home in my yard and enjoyed having the choice to do very little work today, it hit me a few times how close we are to the start of the next academic school year. 

Not unlike a lot of students, we professors also tend to measure the year by the academic school year calendar. September (in my case mid August ) to late May or early June, that’s the school year… and then the summer.  That’s the time to relax or, again in my case, enjoy traveling, playing concerts and shows, playing on projects with friends, composing music and spending time on vacation with my family. 

But the spring and summer seasons of 2020 didn’t go that way. This COVID-19 has had the whole world in it’s grip and unfortunately those of us in the USA are still having to deal with it. I don’t know what it’s going to take for everybody to understand that it’s no joke and people are suffering, dying, losing their businesses, jobs… and our kids can’t safely start school.

I try to purposefully be positive on my blog posts. Today, while looking up at a clear, very beautiful blue sky, observing the interestingly random scattered cloud
shapes, it did hit me that at the same time that I’m doing that, crazy bad things are happening to people, and many are suffering. I also took a few minutes to pray for them and to give thanks for my blessings, especially that of good health for me and my family members. 

You all take good care of yourselves and each other. Be conscious, be safe, wash your hands, wear your masks, do social distancing and keep the faith! Let’s all help get this virus under control everywhere by doing everything we can!!!!

Stay tuned,