“Forget Me Nots”.

Greetings My Friends!!

Wow… I’ve heard that the #1 Netflix movie last week was Fatal Affair!
My song ”Forget Me Nots” is prominently used!
In 1982, Forget Me Nots received very little support from the record label I was with at the time. The disappointment about that, as well as all the other potential “hits” we were confident might connect well with the people, was devastating. Would the music even have a chance getting to the people for them to decide?
Myself along with Charles Mims and Freddie Washington were determined to give it a stir and invested our limited financial resources into 3 weeks of independent promotion to at the very least, get the record in front of radio programmers and their audiences.
Needles to say, the audience believed what we believed … and that was that this song and this recording was a “feel good record” that people could relate to and love to dance and sing to.
Since that time a lot has happened to this song. That the record company “didn’t believe” was possible!!!!
Thank you all for your decades of support .
Keep the faith!
“Forget Me Nots” is featured in the following motion pictures:
  • Big ( starring Tom Hanks)
  • Men In Black ( starring Will Smith)
  • Fatal Affair ( starring Nia Long / NETFLIX )
What a lesson in believing in your truth !
Stay tuned,