Do what you can…

Greetings Friends..

Some days it’s hard to imagine that as bad as things seem to be, they could be worse!
Some days you just surrender to feelings of despair, depression or helplessness.
And when you feel like that, you periodically shake yourself out of it, looking instead at the blessings and good things that are also happening in your life. Then you feel a little guilty for feeling bad about your situation when you know, that there are people in far, far worse shape in their lives, than you .
This week, the USA and the world lost yet another Titan for decency and societal fairness. (Notorious) RBG Ruth Bader Ginsburg… rest in power
Let us not forget our strength and what possibilities lie in doing what we can do .. especially in times of crises and hurt. The late, great Senator John Lewis left us that challenge and called us to not fear “Good trouble”.
We all have people in our life who have helped us challenge ourselves to do more, try harder. In these days, don’t be afraid to ask yourself what you can do. In these tough times … just do that .. just do what you can on each given day, the best that you can with whatever is on your agenda for that day.
Sometimes it helps me most when I say, “Well that’s all I can do about this today.“ 
If it’s insufficient you try again later, knowing that each small step forward is still a step forward and closer to success. This helps me with little projects and bigger projects. When it’s hard to focus ….. complete one thing at a time .
I can be impatient and not follow my own advice. Writing to you in this blog helps me re-frame those moments when I feel low.
We must do what we can.
Take care of you and yours!
Stay tuned!