A couple of thoughts…..

Democracy means that there’s no “Go” without the say of the people. 

So use your voices. VOTE.

Do NOT be silent, just sit on the sidelines or find excuses. VOTE.

Our ancestors, family members, loved ones and friends deserve our participation in these elections that
they have fought and died for. VOTE

Our way of life, our livelihoods, our sense of decency and dignity means we matter, our voices count and the people should have a say in how we live in justice, peace and harmony.
We have responsibilities to each as citizens of this country and the world. VOTE.

Lastly, I share this quote which I stumbled across recently. My emotions go up and down during these crazy times. One moment I’m feeling good about things, given the circumstances of this pandemic and the next a certain frustration and even mental fatigue sets in. This helped:

“Just because you’re struggling , doesn’t mean you’re failing”.

Check out very soon, how the frustrations and challenges of not being able to play concert tours, play live with others or see and feel the music, are about to be met!!!!

Get ready for something special.

Stay tuned!